About Us

What does Viking do? Play crushing thrash metal for all generations. What does the Viking Merch Store do? Provides brutal Viking stuff for rabid Viking fans.

You already know we're good guys, and that we're not gonna rip anybody off. So you can trust the quality of what we're selling. None of it is cheap crap. For example, the shirts are shirts WE would wear, not those thin crappy shirts that are uncomfortable pieces of crap that you never want to put on, so it sits in your drawer or closet forever. And if that happens, then nobody will ever say, "dude, killer shirt! What band is that? I've never heard them!", and as a result of those questions not being posed, you then do not get to share the glorious chest-impaling music that is Viking with them, and they die hopeless, unfulfilled lives - never having thrashed to the thrash that is Viking's thrash. We don't want guilt like that. So we sell quality merch.

Plus, you can trust the shopping cart (which is a GoDaddy thing, so it's safe. After all, they've got that woman race car driver as their pitchman... er, pitchwoman. So if they ever screwed up, you'd totally have heard about it on FOX and CNN, right?). You use your credit card or PayPal to pay, and it's set up as safe or safer than anything on the internet can be safe, and of course PayPal isn't going to screw you by accidentally leaving your personal financial information on a burned CD under a bus bench in a seedy part of town.

So check out the merch and buy one of everything. Or one of whatever.