"No Child Left Behind" CD
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Shrink-wrapped CD - Jewel case with lyrics
Track Listing:
1) 9:02 on Flight 182
2) By the Brundlefly
3) Blood Eagle
4) Debt to Me
5) An Ideal Opportunity
6) Eaten by a Bear
7) Wretched Old Mildred
8) A Thousand Reasons I Hate You
9) Helen Behind the Door
10) Burning from Within
Hear a preview at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvIGmUeUxzE
Ron Daniel Eriksen - Vocals/Guitar
Gene Hoglan - Drums
Justin Zych - Lead Guitar
Mike Gonzalez - Bass

Released: March 4, 2015
Cover art: Pencils by Caanan White, Colorized by Tom Martin.
Engineered by Geoff Montgomery and Ron Daniel Eriksen
Produced by Ron Daniel Eriksen

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"No Child Left Behind" CD

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